La Marcha Injusta de Newton


Vi esta foto en CNN. Siete niños marchando hasta la despedida temprana de un amigo.

Comparto con ustedes unas palabras que les dedico a estos siete valientes.

Newton’s March

I see my son, our sons.
They march to maturity,
Forced by the will of insanity.

I see my boy, our boys.
They skulk carrying the guilt,
of another man on their shoulders.

I see a queue, our queue.
Childhood’s long yet abrupt walk,
towards the farewell of innocence.

I see their sadness, our sadness.
For the absence of their friends,
who will be forever remembered.

I see children, our children.
Paying for our adult mistakes,
without anger or vengeance.

I see injustice, our injustice.
For we should be there, marching,
taking their place before violence.

I see the future, our future.
Hurt children that shall decide,
if their will is to heal us all.


Estefanía Santos